The Mental Health Observatory is no longer funded. NEPHO continues as Lead Observatory for Mental Health, and is undertaking more limited activities as part of its core role.

Mental Health

The Mental Health Group

The Mental Health group exists to collate and make available data about mental health care in England, collected routinely or through special surveys, by health and social services. It is based within the NHS North East Regional Public Health Observatory. It provides information and advice to commissioners, mental health care providers and national inspection and audit bodies. It also provides advice and expertise to other English Public Health Observatories in relation to mental health topics.


  • Maintaining an inventory of mental health data sources;
  • Where helpful, acquiring data and disseminating it in suitable formats;
  • Reporting on important public mental health issues;
  • Providing advice and support on mental health data, information and intelligence; and
  • Assisting in research.

Mental Health Group Resources

These includes data sources such as the National Community Mental Health Profiles, mental health hospital admissions by diagnosis, mental health hospital admissions by ethnicity, external reports, research and relevant government policies.

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Mental Health Briefs

The Mental Health Briefs are web based publications designed to provide information regarding a single current ‘hot topic’ in mental health. Most comprise a short explanatory paper and an accompanying spreadsheet providing detailed data.