The Mental Health Observatory is no longer funded. NEPHO continues as Lead Observatory for Mental Health, and is undertaking more limited activities as part of its core role.

Mental Health Hospital admissions by Ethnicity


This page provides an interactive atlas of the pattern of mental hospital admissions for people classified by their Ethnic category over the six years, 2001-2006. The opportunity to produce it arises from the recent publication of the Population Estimates for Ethnic Groups by the Office for National Statistics. The presentation is constrained to the age groupings provided in the population estimates - these are 'Working Age' (16 to 59 for women, 16 to 64 for men) and 'Older Adults' (women aged 60 and over and men aged 65 and over) for women and men separately. Admission data were derived from English NHS Hospital Episode Statistics. HES data were checked for duplications.

The figures presented are age specific admission rates (per 100k population) for these broad age/gender groups, along with 95% confidence intervals, and figures are presented for upper tier local authorities (counties, unitary authorities, metropolitan and London boroughs). Rate maps and tables for most ethnic groups other than White British include extensive gaps. These arise where the number of admissions in the age / gender group for the local authority is less than 5. These table rows and map and chart points have been suppressed in line with standard NHS statistical disclosure control rules.


Admissions could only be counted in the table if a valid and usable ethnic group was supplied by the hospital. Particularly in the early years, the proportion of records missing usable ethnic codes was large in some places.

Mental Hospital Admissions by Ethnicity 2001-2006