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New Dementia Prevalence Report Published for North East England

The Knowledge Intelligence Team of Public Health England based in Durham have produced this occasional paper that provides an analysis of the most recent data for people with dementia in relation to changes in the early detection and diagnosis of the condition.

New Organisation and Contact Details

We are now part of Public Health England's Knowledge and Intelligence Team (Northern and Yorkshire), and have relocated to Kirkstone Villa in Durham.

Public Health England has been established to protect and improve the nation’s health and wellbeing and to reduce inequalities.

Preparation for pregnancy in women with diabetes 2008-2010 Report from the Northern Diabetes in Pregnancy Survey (NorDIP)

Launched today The Community Mental Health Profiles UPDATE 2013

Launched today the Community Mental Health Profiles UPDATE 2013, includes an update of the current indicators and the introduction of 6 new indicators.

Perth, Australia Charter for the Promotion of Mental Health and Wellbeing

Perth, Australia Charter for the Promotion of Mental Health and Wellbeing

Violence Indicator Profiles 2012

Updated Violence Indicator Profiles for England Resource (VIPER) 2012 were published on the 29th November by the North West Public Health Observatory on behalf of the Public Health Observatories in England. This resource has been updated and further developed ...

Public Health Outcomes Framework data published

The first set of data for the Public Health Outcomes Framework is now available

New Government outcomes strategy: Preventing Suicide in England

Preventing suicide in England new government strategy

New report from North West PHO: "Protecting People, Promoting Health"

A public health approach to violence prevention for England

The report describes the major roles public health and health care services can play in reducing levels of violence across the country alongside their functions in dealing with the impacts of violence on health.

Mental health & employment: JSNA guidance for CCG's & HWBs

The London Mental Health and Employment Executive Partnership (LMHEEP) have just published comprehensive guidance to help local commissioners and planners incorporate mental and employment considerations into their joint needs assessment and health and wellbeing strategy.