Publications - Type - Health Profiles

Community Mental Health Profiles

The Community Mental Health Profiles (CMHP) present a range of mental health information for local authorities in England. The CMHP are designed to give an overview of mental health risks, prevalence and services at a local, regional and national level using an interactive mapping tool. The data may inform commissioners of health and social care services in their decision making, leading to the improvement of mental health, and mental health services.

European Health Profile Tool

The European Health Profile tool presents the I2SARE project data through interactive maps and charts. The purpose of the tool is to aid the comparison of health and socio-economic indicators across regions of Europe.

The European I2SARE project was established to produce a health profile for each region of the European Union and to raise the profile of sub national institutions working on Health Information, to encourage exchanges and to develop networking activities between them.

The European Health Comparator tool enables the selection of similar regions based on demographics, health risk factors, morbidity and mortality, through a regional comparator tool. The chosen regions can then be identified within the atlas with information being presented in the form of map, spine chart and bar chart. Information is also available on: how to use the tool, health care systems and health care financing of the countries included in the tool, population pyramids and a link to the I2SARE website.

2010 Health Profiles

Local health profiles describe the health of the local population and enable the comparison of indicators describing health and determinants of health at local, regional and national levels. The 2010 health profiles can be accessed via the Health Profiles website: Previous years profiles can also be accessed through this link, together with underlying indicator data.

North East Health Profile - 2008

This profile gives a snapshot of health in the North East region. With other regional and local information, this Health Profile has been designed to support action by local government and primary care trusts to tackle health inequalities and improve the health of the population.