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Health statistics - Atlas on mortality in the European Union

Health statistics - Atlas on mortality in the European Union describes the situation regarding mortality in the Member States of the European Union. It is an update of an earlier publication published by Eurostat in 2002, based on data for the years 1994-1996. Since then the number of European countries included has increased considerably. The atlas includes 2002-2004 mortality data from National Statistical Authorities in the 27 Member States of the European Union plus Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Croatia, broken down by age and gender, by main causes of death and by 272 European regions. In addition, the selection of causes of death and the selection of indicators for inclusion in this atlas have been revised, and differences in risk factors as a potential basis for differences of mortality profiles are described.

Health Inequalities Intervention Tool

We have pleasure in presenting the "Health Inequalities Intervention Tool" developed by the Association of Public Health Observatories and the Department of Health.

North East summary of Annual Health Check 2005/2006

The Healthcare Commission - the independent inspection body for the NHS - published the results of its annual health check for 2005/2006 on 12th October 2006. A summary of the results in the North East region has been prepared by the North East PHO.

Interactive Atlas of Mortality in England

This tool shows how mortality rates vary and the extent to which the variation in mortality rates between areas is due to chance.