Publications - Year - 2004

May 2004

Sexual Health in England: An Updated Guide to National and Local Surveillance and Monitoring Data

This is an updated guide to local and national quantitative data that can be used for planning and monitoring sexual health services and health promotion activities.

January 2004

Northern RMSO Annual Report 2004

With final 2003 and provisional 2004 data.

PHO Handbook of Health Inequalities

This new APHO handbook primarily focuses on the measurement and interpretation of health inequalities. It provides a comprehensive collection of material for those concerned to document and understand health inequalities.

Occasional Paper No 11 - Revascularisation Surgery in the North East of England

In this paper, we use HES data, deprivation data and mortality data to assess to what extent hospital trusts and primary care organisations in the North East of England are meeting the targets set out in National Service Frameworks: Coronary Heart Disease

Progress and Prospects 2004/05

This document describes the work of Public Health Observatories (PHOs). Including support of the English Public Health White Paper 'Choosing Health', supporting effective public health practice and helping to build regional public health intelligence, and how APHO embraces the UK and Ireland and is developing strong links with Europe

Regional Maternity Survey Office Newsletter - January 2006

Topical issues from the RMSO are included in the January 2006 newsletter.

NEPHO Newsletter

No Abstract

On the state of the public health: Annual report of the Chief Medical Officer 2004

The Chief Medical Officer's Annual Report 2004 identifies major health challenges requiring immediate action, and describes progress in addressing issues featured in previous reports.

Occasional Paper 12 - Comparison of Health in Moravia Silesia (Moravskoslezsky) in the Czech Republic and the North East Region of England

The North East Assembly signed an agreement with the region of Moravia Silesia to enable the sharing of experiences and facilitate learning. The region in the Czech Republic was identified in a separate piece of work to identify comparable regions with the North East. In November 2004, the PHO was asked to undertake a comparative analysis of the available health data in the two regions.

Maternal Obesity & Pregnancy Outcome Project Information Sheet

Information on obesity project (now completed).

Information about Mental Health Service Use in England

Detailed intelligence about the prevalence of mental illness, the provision of services, the treatment given and its outcomes is needed now as never before.

Guidelines on Access to Data held by the Northern RMSO

Data access information for the RMSO.

Northern RMSO Annual Report 2002

With final 2001 and provisional 2002 data.

Northern RMSO Annual Report 2003

With final 2002 and provisional 2003 data.

Occasional Paper 10 - Obesity and overweight in Europe and lessons from France and Finland

The rise of obesity is widely accepted as a major public health problem in the UK. In this paper we aimed to investigate the scale of the problem in the rest of Europe, and whether any lessons can be learned from the study of other countries.

RMSO Leaflet

This leaflet describes the role of the RMSO in measuring health problems of mothers, babies and children in Northern England.

Occasional Paper 09 - Census 2001 - Housing and the North East

This occasional paper describes the households and housing of the North East, focussing on the links between housing and deprivation and housing and health

Indications of Public Health in the English Regions - No. 3 Lifestyle and its Impact on Health

The Association of Public Health Observatories has published this report aimed at supporting all those engaged in implementing the Public Health White Paper - and improving the health of the population - by bringing together summary information on seven risk factors and four diseases which are key causes of ill health and death in England.

Occasional Paper 06 - Pregnancy and Infant Health in the North East & North Cumbria

This occasional paper provides information about the surveys managed by the RMSO and highlights services available to clinicians, Directors of Public Health and researchers. The data insert covers North Cumbria.

Occasional Paper 05 - Implementation of the Renal NSF in the North East and Cumbria

This report provides a summary of a study that was set up in 2002 by the North East PHO to examine the implications of implementing the Renal NSF.

Occasional Paper 06 - Pregnancy and Infant Health in the North East & North Cumbria

This occasional paper provides information about the surveys managed by the RMSO and highlights services available to clinicians, Directors of Public Health and researchers.

Occasional Paper 07 - Census 2001 - Health and the North East

This occasional paper provides a summary of health variables from the 2001 Census for Primary Care Organisations (PCOs) in the North East of England.

Communicable Diseases in the North East

Infectious (communicable) diseases is an area of public health which is ignored at one's peril.

HES Seminar

No Abstract

Health and Lifestyle Survey

Health and lifestyle questionnaire surveys are a recognised part of the assessment of health at larger population levels. Such surveys are best used to collect information on the wider aspects of health and wellbeing rather than information about the use of health services.

OP1 - An Overview of Health Impact Assessment

This paper, published in May 2001, provides a brief summary of the literature on Health Impact Assessment (HIA), outlines the benefits and constraints of undertaking HIA at local level, identifies resources/toolkits to support HIA and specifies roles for the Public Health Observatory and the Health Development Agency.

Occasional Paper 02 - Scoping Study of Mental Health Data: Key Messages

This paper provides a summary of key messages from the scoping study undertaken by the Centre for Public Mental Health, University of Durham for the North East PHO.

Occasional Paper 14 - Using the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS) data in the North East 2004

Drug misuse in the UK is now a serious cause of morbidity and mortality. In response to an increase in the prevalence of drug misuse the Government created The National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse (NTA) in 2001 to improve the availability, capacity and effectiveness of treatment for drug misuse in England as part of its National Drug Strategy. In April 2001 responsibility for NDTMS moved from the Department of Health to the NTA. In the North East region, the most significant recent change was the development of the North East regional NDTMS team in April 2004, under the management of the North East PHO.

Interactive Atlas of Mortality in England

This tool shows how mortality rates vary and the extent to which the variation in mortality rates between areas is due to chance.