Northern Congenital Abnormality Survey (NorCAS)


Around 2-3% of of newborn babies are born with a major congenital anomaly. Around 50% of births in England are covered by congenital anomaly registers, with NorCAS being the oldest. Data are collected for many uses, including to allow for auditing of antenatal screening techniques and to monitor for environmental causes of birth defects.

The Basics

Data collected from: 1985

Consent required from parent? No. NorCAS is part of the British Isles Network of Congenital Anomaly Registers (BINOCAR). BINOCAR applied for and was granted Section 60 Class Support under the Health and Social Care Act 2001 for the collection of personal information without consent on behalf of all the member registers. For more details, click here.

Information for parents: Click here to see more information about the survey.

Type of data collected: Maternal and baby details on all structural congenital anomalies and chromosomal abnormalities that end in termination, spontaneous abortion after 20 weeks, stillbirth or livebirth. This includes mother's identifying details, baby's details including birthweight and gestation and type of anomaly. A list of anomalies that are not included on NorCAS is available here.

Current survey forms: Available here

Some examples of current work:

  • A study of brain malformations undertaken by Dr Anand Wagh, involving site visits to all neuroradiological units in the region and a cross-vaidation with HES data. Supervised by Martin Ward Platt.

  • Maternal obesity and congenital anomaly risk. Led by Dr Judith Rankin and funded by BDF Newlife.

2011 Annual Meeting:Tues 8th November 2011, The Durham Centre, Durham

Joint NorCAS Annual Meeting & BINOCAR Scientific Conference 2010: Fri Oct 8th 2010, Centre for Life, Newcastle upon Tyne. A call for abstract to be issued by the end of May 2010.

2009 Annual Meeting: Fri Nov 20th 2009, Centre for Life, Newcastle upon Tyne

2008 Annual Meeting: November 12th 2008, Lancastrian Suite, Dunston, Gateshead

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