Diabetes in pregnancy (NorDIP)

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Northern Survey of Diabetes in Pregnancy - NorDIP

NorDIP was started in 1994 to improve the pregnancy outcomes for women with diabetes and their babies in the region. The work that NorDIP has done and continues to do contributes to the improvement in the care that pregnant women with diabetes receive in the region and in the UK.

The Basics

Data collected from: 1995

Consent required from mother? Yes

Type of data collected: Midwifes give basic information when pregnancy is diagnosed. Information on mother, babies and pregnancy details are collected after delivery. Click here for a copy of the survey form.

Information for mothers: More information for mothers available here.

Current work:

  • Development of regional audit indicators for the care of women with diabetes in pregnancy
  • Piloting a gestational diabetes study
  • Creating appropriate feedback systems to support hospital audits
  • First trimester drug usage data collection feasibility study

2011 Annual Meeting: Tuesday 5th July 2011, Stadium of Light, Sunderland

2010 Annual Meeting: Thursday 8th July 2010, Marriott Hotel, Gosforth Park, Newcastle